Sunday, November 10, 2013

Local Gold Guerilla Gigs

Amy was quite ill this weekend. It's worrying for everyone when she's sick and we were visited by amazing nurses late on Saturday night who looked after her.

She was really drained on Sunday and so I took the kids out for much of the day, allowing Amy to stay and rest.

We scooted to our usual Sunday morning haunts of the Southside Farmer's market as well as to Audrey's ballet dress rehearsal. It's never as much fun when there's only 3 rather than 4 of us. Bizarrely our kids have got a fixation about Bunnings - the DIY warehouse chain and they nagged me all day about going there. I think the fact that I've spent so much time and money there during their short lives means that they see it as some kind of home-from-home!

There's always some kind of face-painting, craft workshop going on there, or if not there's always the tiny shopping trollies for them to push round and the well equipped play areas. The people at Bunnings know how to sell paint and nails but also how to entertain little kids.

In the afternoon we went to a Guerrilla Gig. They've been running all year and are funded as part of the Canberra 100 celebrations. They're hosted by the Cashews who I've seen quite a few times (sadly now approaching groupie status) a humourous/light hearted twosome who play guitar, accordion, trumpet and the occasional child's instrument! The essence of the event is that you don't know where it's going to be held and they announce (via Twitter, facebook, radio) in the morning of the event where it's going to be, allowing you a couple of hours to plan to get there.

We tuned into local radio and found the event was going to be at Dickson wetlands and also feature the duo of 'The Sparrow folk"

There were already quite a few people when we arrived and we joined them on a huge picnic rug near the water.

The bands played their jaunty music and we all sat in the sun and ate cake served by a guerrilla coffee shop who had joined in the fun.

We were there just over an hour. Audrey loved the Sparrow Folk.

We went home to Amy who was by the time we got home, feeling a bit better.

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