Monday, November 18, 2013


Audrey's dance school organised a huge end of year show at the Playhouse in Canberra's Theatre. There were masses of children (and eager parents) there and all of the kids performed admirably. Because the dance school concentrates on different forms of dance there was everything from break-dancing to tap to jazz.

Audrey loves her ballet classes. Her teacher is excellent and as the class goes on behind closed doors we rarely get a chance to see her practicing her art!

The school did two performances (at 1pm and 7pm) and Amy patiently sat with Audrey through the dress rehearsal the night before as well as helping out with the preparation leading up to the shows.

It was funny watching the kids enthusiasm - one or two plodded around a bit, but others danced frantically and with huge smiles. Audrey's class was (I think) Act 19 (of about 25) so there was a bit of waiting until we watched her 3 minute show.

Here's a few brief clips though together with the finale where all the kids were on stage. Audrey was so hyped up afterwards and talked non-stop for about 3 hours after the show!

Celebrating after the show (girl power!)

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