Sunday, April 8, 2012

New bike and scooter on Curtin cycle path

With the long weekend upon us (and following a couple of successful ebay sales) we treated the kids to new bikes. Audrey chose a Barbie bike (surprise surprise) but the ribbons that had been on it in the shop weren't in the box when we assembled it at home. Eli had the option on a bike, but chose instead a blue Thomas the tank engine scooter.

We're lucky in Canberra to have lots of nice bike paths, one of which is just on our doorstep and so, joined by Will and Abbey, Audrey and Eli set out for their maiden ride.

Audrey does well downhill, but not so well uphill (or on the flat!), but Eli quickly mastered his scooter. I'm sure we'll have many happy hours ahead with our new transport.
Audrey, Will and Abbey

Audrey gets a helping hand

Eli on his Thomas scooter

Audrey showing off her new wheels

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