Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Audrey met Quentin

On Sunday, together with Audrey and Eli's friends Tommy and Chloe, and their Mum, Gill, we went to the annual opening of Government House.

It was a lovely day and we were amazed by the hoards of people drawn to see the historic building (especially as it was $25 per family to look round!). We didn't actually get to go into the house as the queues tailed round the house and the prospect of inching our way up a two hour queue to look round an old house accompanied by 4 children didn't seem either possible or much fun for anyone.

Instead we enjoyed a picnic on the pristine lawns. At this point I must experience of grass in Australia is that it's typically tough and resilient. In warmer/wetter parts of Australia it's more lush but still hard wearing. At Government House it's just beautiful without a weed in sight, it's clearly someone's pride and joy and was soft and lush underfoot.

Anyway, back to Government House there was a bouncy/jumping castle for the kids and a mobile library(!?) as well as a story time and other bits and pieces scattered round.

Highlight was running into Quentin Bryce (almost literally) who was keen to pose with Audrey and her toy elephant (Marshmallow). She's Australia's 25th Governor General and seemed a nice lady - unaffected by my "Oi" when trying to get her to stand for a picture.

on the bouncy castle
A nice picnic

Audrey at Government House
Making a bridge
Tommy, Quentin, Marshmallow and Audrey

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