Monday, February 27, 2012

Kim and Mark's Wedding and Manly Dam

We had a lovely weekend spent at our friends' (Mark and Kim's) wedding, which was held at the splendid Killara Golf Course on Saturday, and then a relaxing Sunday with Tim and Hayley at Manly Dam.

The wedding went without a hitch and the setting, food and (of course) the bride were all beautiful. Good speeches gave way to nice conversation with people on our table as well as a bit of a dance.

Audrey and Eli love spending time with Alex and Teddy (Tim and Hayley's kids) and the prospect of a sleep-over for them (they didn't come to the wedding) had filled their conversation for the week leading up to our trip. We had worried that it would be difficult for Tim and Hayley to get them to bed, but we returned home to two sleeping children.

I didn't even know about Manly Dam, where Tim and Hayley took us on Sunday, but it was an excellent place and we enjoyed bacon and egg (and egg) sandwiches as well as a spot of fishing and swimming (for the kids) before heading home.

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