Saturday, April 9, 2011

Southside Farmers' Market

On most Sundays we head off to Canberra's Southside farmers' market. It's not far from where we live and briefly it was moved to within a short walk/cycle ride. Alas it's now moved back to its original spot at the CIT campus on Hindmarsh Drive.

The market is a mix of fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and the occasional oddity - macadamia sellers or avocados by the dozen brought by farmers who only make one or two weeks in a year, but have a seasonal crop. We've learned that the period around Christmas is a key time with stone fruit being in season, so tons of beautiful peaches, nectarines and cut price cherries. The kids love it, mostly because they look cute so the stall holders invariably give them a fair share of their produce. It saves us planning morning tea for them.

Last Sunday's weather was beautiful so we headed off there and enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate together with a fresh pastry. Here's a pic of the kids sharing the drink.

An occasional display of sisterly love

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