Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Holiday to Bawley Point

Bawley Point is a small village on the South Coast, 2.5 hours from Canberra. The final 40km before you reach the coast is driven along the twiddly Pacific Highway with sharp bends and steep descents. Depending on your knowledge of the road you either drive at breakneck speed or pick your way around the curves until you arrive in Batemans Bay, and from there you head north to Bawley Point.

Of historical note (and I've nicked this from Wikipedia) it was there in 1770 that Captain Cook first sighted indigenous Australians.

We had 3 nights there this week with our friends Tim and Hayley and their kids Teddy (aged 4) and Alex (7) who travelled south from Sydney. The whole of the coastal area is beautiful, with magnificent forests filled with eucalyptus which seem to touch the sky and lovely beaches which (as it was midweek and autumn) were empty.

The weather was fantastic too. We had lovely sunny days so the kids were in shorts and t-shirts and even swam in the sea (except Audrey who only opted to dip her toes in!). So it was a bit of a shock to return to Canberra today which was rather more chilly. No more shorts and t-shirts here until around November!

Rainbow Lorikeets on the balconyfun on the beach
Batemans Bay
The packed beach at Bawley Point

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