Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Royal Australian Mint

I took the kids to the Royal Australian Mint today. Despite only being a coins toss from where we live and work we'd never been to the pretty extensive exhibition they have there.

All of Australia's coins are manufactured in Canberra and I was really amazed by how big the (free) visitor centre was. You also had the opportunity to look down on the factory floor where the money was being made. I did feel sorry for the workers though having a constant stream of visitors peering down on them - akin to a goldfish bowl. I'm sure there must have been the odd blind-spot though where they could still skive off or go to read the paper unseen.

Despite it all being a bit over their heads Audrey and Eli were both really well behaved. They liked watching 'Titan' the enormous robot which picked up barrels of 'blanks' prior to the coins being pressed and also liked the Sydney Olympic medals that had been made there. Interestingly(?) the bronze medal was made out of re-called 1c and 2c coins which ceased being legal tender in 1991 (all amounts are now rounded up or down to the nearest 5c).

Here's a pic of Audrey and Eli looking down on Titan.

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