Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ballerina Party

Audrey was invited along to one of her friend's 'Ballerina' Party this weekend.

We've never really encouraged the pink outfits that seem to be de rigueur with 3 year olds at the moment, but I guess it's a sign of how little influence you actually have over your children that Audrey wears a pink fairy princess outfit almost every day.

She was joined at the party by throngs of other would-be princesses. We speculated where the cross over between angel/ballerina/fairy occurs, it seems a pretty universal outfit and the boundaries between each classification are fairly loose.

The party was monumental for lovers of all things fairy. A mass of pink sweets, favours, decorations even a pink fairy castle piƱata which was joyfully smashed by the (older) boys at the party with a cricket stump.

I don't think either Audrey or Eli have eaten quite so many sweets(Aus:lollies) in the whole of their lives. They were absolutely wired on sugar by the end of it.

Audrey capped it off by winning the fairy princess statues dancing competition. It was funny to watch her disappointed reaction to winning the 1st prize (a make an angel kit) when the kids who had been knocked out in preceding rounds had all collected sugary pink "musk sticks". (Amy fortunately nicked one before the end for her)

Audrey eats her 15th lolly

...then devours a cake

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