Sunday, May 21, 2017

Million Paws Walk, Castle Park and Civic!

Audrey had been desperate to go to Million Paws Walk on Sunday - a charity dog walk which now takes place around Lake Burley Griffin. We don't have a dog(!) but the weather was beautiful on Sunday morning and so we headed along so she could get a fix of "Man's best friend".

It's actually remarkable how much Audrey loves dogs now. She was terrified as a younger girl - (to the extent of having to cross over the road whenever there was a dog in sight) but is now significantly removed from that. There were hundreds of dogs doing the walk (of all shapes and sizes) and it was really good fun being part of the action.

Afterwards we walked into the city through Commonwealth Park and found 'Castle Park' a series of brick tunnels and fortifications that the kids could climb through. I can't believe we'd never been there before and I was grateful that I had found it now rather than in a few years time when the kids would have outgrown it. We'll definitely be back. We headed into the city for a quick bite before heading home.
The kids wrapped up their day with a trip to see the film; 'A dog's purpose' which Andy took them to - thereby wrapping up a complete dog-centric kind of day!
One of the mounds in Castle Park

Light fun in Civic (the lights change colour when you press them)

Dog fancy dress at Million Paws Walk

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