Sunday, September 11, 2016

Winners are grinners

The kids entered a Father's Day competition at the local markets last weekend and they rang up the next day to say that we had won. There was quite a pile of entries in the box so it was quite an achievement.

You had to write (in 25 words or less) why your Dad deserved to win, the prize was $100 of meat and $100 of beer for the winner and a 2nd prize of a meal voucher for $100. Audrey's entry was;

I have a Dad called Trevor,
Who I will love forever.
He makes me grin.
I hope we win.
Then we will have dinner together.

It was all her own work and she sat and studied it for quite a time in order to cut it down to within the 25 words (it's exactly 25 words). Eli wrote a lovely poem too - it began "I love my Dad, although he is mad"...

It was funny collecting such a vast amount of meat (especially as I confessed to being vegetarian) but the kids will dine out on fine (organic) meat for several weeks and my freezer got a well-earned clear out in order to make space for it all.

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