Monday, July 25, 2016

Trip to the UK and Poland (Warsaw)

The kids and I jetted off to the UK for three weeks at the end of June. We spent a lot of our time up in Wolverhampton visiting my Mom but we caught up with some friends and my brothers along the way and also managed a side trip to Warsaw.

The kids were great throughout. They loved Legoland and Audrey also quotes the Black Country Living Museum amongst her highlights!

Audrey had her first taste at horse riding and we had a lovely day at 'Wolf Mountain' an incredible rock climbing and adventure centre in Wolverhampton.

It was good to see our friends along the way and see how much everyone's kids had grown!

Warsaw was fun as well - we met up with a couple of Mums from the Mums and Tots group who still live in Warsaw and Audrey made a wonderful friend of one of their daughters (Abi).

Lovely too to meet the staff of the Warsaw Embassy who took the three of us for a great lunch in Warsaw - a city which was really buzzing with new cafes and coffee shops.

The only thing missing of course was Amy, who was always in my thoughts walking round Warsaw's streets, remembering the wonderful times we had when we lived there.

Audrey with Elizabeth Tower in the background
Mom with the kids in Bantock Park

London Duck Tour with Tim, Ness and Cerys
Billy Wright (England's greatest captain) Statue, Molineux, Wolverhampton

With the Middletons at the Black Country Museum

Audrey does some horse riding

Warszawa (by the Palace of Science and Culture)

Will Gill and Abi in Warsaw
With the lovely staff of the Warsaw Embassy

on the steps of our old apartment
St.Sophia Hospital (where Audrey was born)

The Lego family!

Tim with Eli

The kids with their friends at Legoland

With Alessio in Newbury
Greys Court (with Ralph)

With my brothers (Ralph and Graham), David (Graham's son) and Sian (Ralph's wife)

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