Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt in Piallago

Rodney's Nursery it's fair to say, puts on great Easter Egg Hunts.

There's a growing number of egg hunts throughout Canberra and you can search for chocolate eggs everywhere from historic Canberra buildings to shopping centres. We'd been to Rodney's a couple of times before and knew it was pretty good. They keep the number of children participating down by requiring registration a few days beforehand and I'd just about made the cut for this year's event.

This year the kids were put in a different category (of aged 7 upwards). It meant that their competition would be bigger and more ferocious than the teeny kids they'd faced off against in previous years. We waited expectantly at the barrier to receive the word to start.

When the lady came to start the hunt we actually discovered that the area of the garden given over to the hunt was more than adequately stocked. There was enough chocolate for everyone and the kids filled their paper bags with glee. Every kid was engrossed, hunting through bushes pot plants and garden ornaments.

We stayed for lunch afterwards, Audrey and Elijah counting their treasured eggs. Probably enough chocolate to last them for a year. It was good fun, and what was more it was laid (!) on for free. Thanks a lot Rodney's!

surveying their hoard

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