Saturday, January 16, 2016

Indoor Rock Climbing

The three of us went along to Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing centre this afternoon and took part in their weekend 'kid's club'. In reality there's nothing particularly 'kids' focussed about things, other than you can go along for a bit cheaper and the other climbers for the two hours were all children.

It was pretty reasonably priced (only a smidgen more than a cinema ticket) and the kids had loads of fun. Eli was really tentative at first, but soon got into the swing of it. Both kids were asking to have their birthday parties there.

The main attraction was coming down (you abseiled down on a pulley system - I 'belayed' down below) but the kids soon learnt that the higher you climbed the longer and more fun the abseil. 

I've always admired climbing equipment - from the carabiner to the ropes and shoes - it's all pretty cool. I reckon we'll be back again before too long.

If you're thinking of going with a six year old - do remember that the harness takes quite a lot of getting off and typically kids give you about 10 seconds notice before they need to have a wee....

Eli loved the upside down 'training wall' where you could fall back onto a padded mat

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