Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fishing the Cotter

A friend (Crispian) very kindly invited me for a few hour's fishing - while his wife Nicola looked after the kids.

It meant that we could escape a short way up the road to the Cotter - near Vanity's Point crossing. It never ceases to amaze me some of the spectacular scenery on Canberra's doorstep. We spotted kangaroos and a couple of emus along the way as well.

Once you turned off the road (onto a fire trail) you did really need a 4x4 which Crispian had - along with a great assortment of fishing tackle which he lent me during our trip.

It was a beautiful afternoon - the chilly morning fog gave way to bright sunshine and we found a good spot to park and hiked down to the river (wearing our waders).

Alas, after a good deal of casting and reeling and the occasional snag on bushes and rocks we departed empty handed. Crispian's waders proved useful more than once as it allowed you to cross the river to recover your lure from entangled positions often on the opposite bank! It was such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon though that it hardly mattered that we had caught nothing - it was such good fun.

The kids were pleased to see me when I got back too which was good and we headed home (for pumpkin soup - rather than wild trout). Maybe next time.

The view - 15 minutes drive from our house - not bad!

Crispian fishing for trout

no bites 

The tranquil Vanity's Crossing

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