Sunday, February 1, 2015

Iran v Iraq

Canberra played host to a Quarter Final of the Asian Cup, which ended up being a match between arch rivals Iran and Iraq. Someone kindly gave me tickets, so I dragged the kids along (they enjoyed the game in parts).

It turned out to be a thrilling game - finishing 1-1 at full time and then 3-3 after extra time. Iraq were the eventual winners (7-6 on penalties - a surprising scoreline given that both teams had spooned their first penalties wide of the goal).

The Iraq fans partied into the night with drums and trumpets - it was a really exciting event for Canberra to host and great to be at a sporting occasion with such an exciting atmosphere.

Audrey doesn't look like she 'hates football' as much as she says she does

A packed Canberra Stadium

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