Sunday, April 27, 2014


Last year Eli's pre-school teacher was a lovely lady called Eloise. Amy and I were always amazed how positive Eloise remained throughout the year she taught Eli's class - she was always friendly, nothing was ever too much and her enthusiasm and general happiness rubbed off on the kids.
Alas, Eloise left the school and she's now heading off with her husband to London (where her husband will study at the LSE for a few years). Amy and the kids met up with Eloise before she set off. Eli was in raptures - Amy said he was trying to get out of the car before they even arrived when he spotted Eloise heading to the café where they met. They had a great afternoon and Eli talked about it for days afterwards.
I hope our paths cross with Eloise in the future. As well as being a great teacher she's a lovely person and has made a real positive impact on Eli.

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