Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enlighten Festival

Together with our friends Barb, Simon and their son Jack we went to Canberra’s Enlighten Festival.

It’s an excellent event comprising some of Canberra’s most significant buildings entirely lit up with rotating (and sometimes animated) images. In addition the fountain that runs down from the High Court was lit (with kerosene flames) and provided a fabulous back-drop to things.

The night was wet when we started and our planned picnic ended up being eaten while sat under the cover of the National Gallery. After eating we found that inside the gallery was a huge craft/art event laid on for kids and Audrey delighted in drawing a lady dressed in Peruvian clothes (there’s a gold from Peru exhibition on at the moment).

Afterwards we walked from the National Gallery through to the National Library, watching lit up dancing ‘horses’ – fabulous in the dark. The wet evening failed to dampen everyone’s enthusiasm. We stayed for a couple of hours – there was much more we didn’t see – there was a tent somewhere with bands playing for free – but bedtimes dictated we head home from what was an enlightening(!) event.

Audrey gets to work!

With our friends (after doing craft!)

The National Gallery

Dancing horses

The High Court

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