Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Blog as a Wordle

I've been to a couple of presentations where people have pulled out a 'Wordle - 'word cloud' powerpoint slide and everyone has gasped in amazement.

Actually they're really easy to generate - a great website allows you to provide text and draws you a 'cloud' in a few seconds. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

I thought I'd put the text from this whole blog through it (excluding this post) and it came up with this one..

There are some interesting things;

1. Poor Eli doesn't get as much mention as the other three of us (although he obviously doesn't feature in the blog posts pre-2009).

2. Canberra, Warsaw, Poland and Australia get a mention - but I imagine some of the word usage has grown while others shrunk.

3.  Some nice words feature - friends, Christmas, children(!), enjoyed and loved.

4. I also really like the word 'really'!

Have a look and draw your own conclusions - perhaps some of them have more to do with my (rather limited) writing style!

[Update] I had a thought overnight that the count probably also included mentions of 'Trevor and Amy's blog' (which when you export all of the posts are attached to each post and therefore skews the result). So I've re-run it - excluding this and found myself significantly relegated. It now appears as if Audrey dominates and my name appears as a tiny font size on the right hand side! Still, it probably shows reality!

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