Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Classic

We took part again in the Mother's Day Classic 5km walk (or 5/10km run) which is held each year to raise money for breast cancer research.  This year we were joined by Catherine and Michael (Amy's sister and brother-in-law) and our good friend Barb and her husband Simon and son Jack.  It was a bit foggy to start off with but turned out to be a glorious day. 

Audrey managed to walk the whole 5km, while Eli and  Jack opted for rides in their respective prams most of the way.  At the promise of a medal and chocolate biscuit at the finish line, we managed to coax the boys out of their prams to walk the last 1km.

Although I never start out to fundraise, this year we raised $2401 (at last count).  Let's hope the money raised on the day can help to fund important breast cancer research and one day we will be able to say that cancer is curable.

Here's some pics...

At the start....

Here we go

The boys in the pram while Audrey soldiers on

Eli walks the last 1km

Amy and Trevor after the race

Still enough energy for the jumping castle!

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