Sunday, February 17, 2013

Markets and Playgrounds

We had a busy weekend which seemed to go by even faster than usual!

After swimming (and breakfast at the markets) Audrey went with her friend Amber to a local circus, I took Eli on a play-date with his friend Aayush and Amy went to a baby shower.

We reconvened later that day with Audrey full of stories of lions and clowns, Eli chuffed that he had won a game of snakes and ladders and Amy full of chocolate cake.

Sunday was quiet by comparison as we all recovered from our outings.

Here's some pictures from our weekend....
Audrey reinacting Snail and the Whale

Eli and his friend Pippa (at Belconnen markets)
and finally a bit more of Eli's tree climbing exploits (this time at the Southside farmer's market)

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