Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer Sounds at the Botanic Gardens

On a balmy summer's day in Canberra, I don't think there's anything better than enjoying the Summer Sounds concerts at the Botanic Gardens. There a series of concerts which run over Saturday and Sunday nights on the Eucalypt Lawn, a really calm and serene part of the beautiful gardens.

Amy's friend Jo was staying with us, so we took her along to enjoy the band (the Cashews) who were playing on Saturday night. I'd seen them a couple of times before - they're a Canberra based band and their jaunty lyrics often pay reference to Canberra and it's surrounding area. They have a song called Tuggeranong Parkway (which is the main highway from the South of the city) and is probably the only time the road has been referenced in a song.

We ate a nice picnic (whilst drinking Canberran wine) There's always a (mini) mosh-pit at the front of the concerts made up of kids under 10 and their (badly dancing) dads so Audrey and I joined in - her twirls being rather more elegant than my out-of-time (and date?) step-dancing.

By the edge of Lake Burley Griffin (with Jo)

Canberra's Botanic Gardens

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