Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Extreme Weeding

We've got a patch at the back of our garden where we're planning on placing a trampoline. It sloped a little bit and I was keen to flatten it off. In addition we want to move our vegetable patch to a better spot in the garden and the two things were quite alike in the work that was required.

The problem with Canberra soil is that it's heavy clay. It's good in that there are very few stones and pebbles, but a nightmare to try and dig when the sun has been on it (even for a short time) as it sets hard like a rock. Trying to get a garden fork more than a couple of millimetres into the ground is virtually impossible and I've tried (literally) jumping up and down on a spade to try and bury it, but to little avail.

A few friends have recommended hiring a 'Dingo' It's a small stand on digger. To be honest even if it hadn't been particularly good at earthmoving (which it was) then just paying the money to drive it around the garden would have been money well spent. In a day (together with Amy's Dad Ivor) we managed to clear (and level) a big patch of ground for the trampoline and the area where the veggie patch will go. A big thumbs up to Dingos!

Here's a couple of pics

Ivor gets to work!
Audrey (and Marshmallow) have a go

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