Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update on Amy

A few weeks ago I was told that my cancer had spread to my liver so I would have to start chemo.  I knew that this would eventually be the road I would have to travel but it was still a shock as I'd hoped to avoid it for a little longer.  I had to delay, by a few days, my first cycle of chemo due to a lung infection.  So, finally had my first round of chemo and, unfortunately, it really hit me for six.  I had terrible nausea and sickness for about 5 days and couldn't eat anything.  Just as I felt like I was getting over the nausea, I could feel the lung infection starting to play up again.  I went to the hospital last Monday (22 Oct) and have only just got out today (Tuesday 30 Oct).  Hopefully the lung infection has cleared.  My blood counts are pretty low still which makes me susceptible to infection so I have to be careful and steer away from public places for a few days.  It's lovely to be back home again.  For some reason, Eli and Audrey thought I had gone to Melbourne (!)  I guess it was better they had that happy thought in their heads rather than me languishing in a hospital bed!

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Amy, jestesmy z Toba!