Sunday, July 1, 2012

Workin' at the Buswash

I was lucky enough to accompany Audrey on a school excursion to the Action Buses 'Buswash'. A bus full of under 5s headed off to Tuggeranong to go in the bus wash there.

It was a well organised affair and we played "Spotto!" on the way there (I-Spy) and sang 'wheels on the bus' on the way home.

The bus driver (Bob the Bus Driver) showed us the sights of Tuggeranong before driving us first to the bus station (we had to wave and cheer at the people queued up at the stops) and then to the depot for the wash.

Without exception the children loved their morning out. Audrey sat next to her best mate Amber. They look like peas in a pod. 

The bus was very clean when we returned (apart from the greasy fingerprints on the inside windows)  


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