Saturday, January 14, 2012

A trip to the Australian War Memorial

I took the kids to the Australian War Memorial this afternoon allowing Amy a chance to recuperate a bit at home.

Audrey and Eli were happy to tag along (they had been promised milkshakes when we got there). In truth it was a bit of a selfish trip as I've wanted for some time to visit the new Hall of Valour, celebrating the 98 Australians who have been awarded the Victoria Cross. The hall features the soldiers' stories of bravery along with many of their medals. I must have been slightly deluded to think the children were going to give me the opportunity and time to look at the displays, but it was a nice trip nonetheless.

The memorial has a whole host of things laid on for children from craft sessions to story time, but I thought it was still a slightly awkward trip for two pre-schoolers to make. "Daddy what's that big gun for?", "...Erm to maim and kill people...." not the greatest of conversations really.

Nevertheless they loved the planes on display (of which there are many). We weren't there for long but I discovered a couple of huge galleries which I didn't even know existed in previous trips there. I'm definitely planning on a return trip (minus children) before too long.

Audrey on our front lawn

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