Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday

We had a lovely day today with our friends Catherine and Anthony and their children, Alex and Wil. We'd made a couple of batches of soup to take over for lunch, complemented by lovely fresh bread from the markets. Catherine had baked a lovely chocolate cake for afters.

The children got along famously which left the adults to relax and chat. Most importantly, it gave Catherine and I a chance to play the Duran Duran board game! What fun! Trevor and Anthony thought we were sad cases and left us to it, retiring with bits of the newspaper but Catherine and I had a ball. I sense a rematch coming soon....

Girls on film - re-living our teenage years with a game of Duran Duran - the board game

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bob lethaby said...

Duran Duran board game, I have heard it all now!!! What next Spandau Ballet Kerplunk!!!???!!